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Welcome to the Kansas Court System Self-Help Center. The Self-Help Center is intended to help you find legal assistance and information, work with an attorney, and represent yourself in some legal matters.

This site does not provide legal advice.

Can Clerk Staff Help Me?
Detailed guide as to the limitations of Clerk of the Court staff

Representing Yourself
Should I represent Myself, Things to Know, General Tips

Get Legal Help
How do I decide if I need a lawyer? Will I be able to afford one? How do I find and work with a lawyer? Where can I find a lawyer who will provide limited representation?

Going to Court
What happens in court? How should I act? How do I file a small claims case? Find answers to these questions and more

Kansas Court system
A brief summary of the types of Kansas Courts

People/offices in the court system
Locate addresses and phone numbers of your local courthouse

Court Forms
Where can I find information about court forms? Kansas Judicial Council has a number of court forms. Kansas Legal Services has interactive forms for self-representing people.

Representing Yourself before the Appellate Courts
The Clerk of the Appellate Court has information for people who are representing themselves

Definitions of common legal terms you may encounter in Court

Frequently asked questions
How can I find information on divorce, child custody, and other family law issues? Find answers to these questions and more


Protect Yourself
We encourage you to hire a lawyer to help you fill out court forms. A lawyer will help ensure that the forms are properly completed and that your rights are protected. A lawyer will also explain what you need to do to represent yourself after you file your forms with the court.

Summary of Authorities for Judges Considering Whether to Restrict Court Filings
Litigants have a right to access the courts, but this right is neither absolute nor unconditional. The Kansas Supreme Court Access to Justice Committee has summarized case law and statutes that may be imposed to restrict filings by litigants who repeatedly file frivolous, malicious, or duplicative pleadings. This Summary of Authorities does not constitute a rule or order of the court.